Friday, May 31, 2013


Well last weekend aways eating didn't go so well. I should have known.  We were pretty much at the mercy of what Ben's mom had at her house and what she provided for us to eat due to lack of $ funds.  I had to get our new van's plates which were very pricey and we took our sick dog to the vet, very pricey too!  I am thankful though that even though there wasnt much healthy food we were still able to go and spend the time with them and the only thing it cost us was the gas to get there.

So this week I've been trying hard to stay on the healthy path.  The last two days have been great.  Salads for lunch and good dinners too! Ive managed to stay away from the unhealthy snacking and overdoing it on my trigger foods.  After Jessie's soccer game last night my sister wanted us to go out for ice cream.  It was a charity event for someone she knows.
Well of course the kids wanted to go and since it was the last day of school and they had both done so well this year with there grades I decided to go, we even lucked out and my Mom went and paid since the kids got all A's!!  Score.  LOL   I didnt overdo it with the toppings like I normally do.  And I counted the calories for everything and stayed within my daily budget.  Also when we got home I went on a 2 mile walk/jog and then played basketball with the kids.

I'm trying so hard to be able to run.  I'm doing better dealing with my hip pain, but still feel like my lungs are on fire and give up to easily.  Another issue I'm having there is my stinkin ear buds fall out every single time I run.  I need to find a pair that stay put!  Its very distracting when I lose my music motivation and they are flapping around.  Makes me quit everytime!  ANY SUGGESTIONS?  I'm just using the ones that came with my iphone.

Tomorrow morning I leave to go on a weekend trip with my mom and sisters!  Never done this before and it should be fun.  I'm excited.  I'm gonna enjoy myself and not obsess about my food, but I will try and make some healthy choices.  I think we will be doing a lot of walking so that should help balance out things.

I'm really doing it this time!  I'm fully motivated to lose this weight and look great!   I'm going to do it!  I'm going to do it!  I'm  going to do it!!!!!

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