Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cleaning out the fridge

Yesterdays eating started off well, then I blew it after lunch.  2 reasons why,,, Biscoff spread and these new amazing chips we discovered while at my dad's house last weekend.  The biscoff spread is a cookie butter, have you ever had any?  Amazing stuff, but so dangerous for me,, I knew not to buy it, seriously!  But Aldi had it and they never have it so I felt this need to buy it...ugh,, I should have known better,, I still have a whole container in the cupboard,, I had bought 2.  When its here its like it calls to me.. I know I sound ridiculous but its true.  I ate lunch(should have been satisfied with that, since it was the same thing I ate for dinner the night before and I was fine), but my belly just kept telling me it needed something more and it needed that cookie butter.    Then later we had a early dinner and then I went to my sisters and when I got home I was starving and my mentality was well I already ruined the day earlier so why not have some of those yummy flavored chips we bought.    I know I know,,  its all mind of matter, but Im having trouble with my mind I guess .   It doesnt help that I'm extremely stressed out about our trip and feel like I'm running around in circles lately. Ben and I are always fighting.  I'm a big time emotional eater.

We are leaving for a few days tomorrow afternoon so my eating is going to be revolved around eating what needs to be ate so it doesnt go to waste while were gone.  Thats another issue I have,, feeling like I need to not waste things.  Money is so tight that I hate the thought of wasting items.  Its ok though cuz most of the things that will go to waste is fresh stuff so I still plan to stay within my calories.  My menus just might look a little weird.  I hope I can stay on track over the weekend.  Its always so hard for me when we are away from home.

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