Friday, March 30, 2012

Rest day

Today is Friday! Friday and Monday are our rest days and I get to sleep in an extra hour! Love them. I dont mind the Saturday and Sunday workouts cuz I dont have to get up at 5:30 to do them. Yesterday I bought us a new set of dumbell bars. The kind u add your own weights to. We only had one and it made it harder for us to do the same exersices at the same time. The other thing I would love to get for our workout area is a big mirror so I can watch my muscles work as Im working out and make sure Im keeping the correct form.

Today is also weigh-in day. I was down another 2 pounds this week!! Ben lost 2.2 lbs. That stinker always has to show me up. Honestly though Im just glad he is working hard to get healthier. He was a heartattack waiting to happen!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thats what I am,, sore sore sore! That's ok though,, that means what I am doing is working!  I've been staying on track with my workouts and food!  On Sunday Ben and I went to Spiece gym and I got to work out with my sister and Ben worked out with Jason who is training for a bodybuilding contest!  Ben defiantly got his workout in!  As did I.  Dawn and I worked out pretty much our entire body all in one day.  She showed me what she does throughout the week and gave me some new ideas that I can do here at home.  It was really nice to be able to use the equipment there but overall most of the stuff we can still do at home with our free weights.  Maybe one day when life slows down and Emma gets a little older we will be able to get a gym membership but for now I think we are making the most of what we have.   '

I took some of the stuff she showed me and reworked my fitness plan adding some things here and there on different days.  As of last Friday I've lost 19 pounds!  And Ben has lost 40!!!!  It feels so amazing to be working so hard towards our health.  I just feel like a better person.  Its hard to explain... Oh and last week I had my first person outside of my family notice my weight loss.  A person I babysit for occasionally was picking up her child and said I was looking great and she could defiantly tell a difference!!!  That made my day!  I've been waiting for someone to say something. I'm not fishing for compliments but I can tell and was wondering when others would be able to start noticing.  Its very obvious when you look at Ben but mine has been a little slower going.   I'm sure also whenever I  buy some new clothes that fit a little tighter,,,(mine are all getting loose) it will be more obvious.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My fitness pal

Just wanted to say that if anyone reading this uses my fitness pal. Feel free to add me as a friend. Then you can view my food diary. My username is everydaymom

Monday, March 19, 2012

I workout!

Ilove being able to say that! 5 outta 7 days a week is what we are doing right now! I no longer feel like a lazy bum. We have been getting up at 5:30 am and getting our exersice in before the kids get up and Ive got babysitting kids showing up. If you know me personaly you know what a big deal it is for me to get up that early. I am NOT a morning person! But, it is great to get up and get it outta the way because by the end of the day which would be my next timeframe i can workout I am wiped out! Its worth it to see and feel these changes in my body.
Pictured is what we have been doing everyday. I start with the cardio and then move on to the weights. You should see how much I sweat on the elliptical! Its crazy! I actually dispise the elliptical and hate sweating and getting so out of breath but its what I have to do to make this happen. I have tried loaing weight again since I gained without working out and it just didnt work. I dont know if its cuz Im older or what but Ive got to exersize. Plus I want my body to be toned and tight. Not jiggely. :) This is only the 2nd week of this workout plan. Before that I was just doing random things. And let me tell you, when we first got the elliptical I could barley do 5 minutes. Now I can go as long as I need to and at a much faster pace. But it definatly is hard! And seems like time goes so slow when Im on there!
Amyways that is what we are doing and I feel great about it!


One of the things I love most right now about this journey is that my husband, Ben, is taking it with me.  It is so much easier when you have a partner.   When I dont feel like working out he encourages me to do it.  He has lost over 30  pounds so far and as of last Friday I have lost 16.  I actually think its more than that because a few weeks ago our other scale broke and we had to get a new one and it weighed us a little heavier than the other one.... but honestly the numbers dont matter to me that much.   I am seeing changes in my body and all my clothes are fitting looser!  I am positive I've went down a size in jeans but I want to wait until I go down another size before I buy any new ones,  It can get expensive buying clothes while you are in the process of loosing weight. 

I mentioned using myfitnesspal and the calorie goal it set me for to lose 2lb per week is 1490.  When I do cardio and add that in the calories go up but I dont usually eat them.   When I first started the calories it gave me was 1550 so it has went down.. I guess the more you loose the less you get to eat.  LOL   Overall though I'm just trying to make good healthy choices.   I just recently over the weekend got some good vitamins for Active women.   So I am taking 2 of those each morning and we also got some protein powder to help build our lean muscles and replenish our bodies after workouts.  

Tomorrow I will talk about how we are exercising and how much I've improved in that aspect already!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've decided to start a little online journal to help me keep track of my healthier me journey.  My name is Jill and I'm 31 years old.  I have struggled with my weight most all of my life.. I've always been big.  I'm fairly tall 5'10 and have always been "well proportioned according to my mom",  I just call it big all over.. :)   About 5 or 6 years ago I did do weight watchers online and lost 118 pounds!  That was great and I felt good about myself but I didn't exercise hardly at all.   It was all about restricting what I ate and for some reason it was fairly easy for me to lose.   The problem was I looked at it as a diet,, I rarely allowed myself any treat and guess I assumed that I could go back to normal once I had lost the weight.    Long story short we decided to add another child to our family and I got pregnant, put on 60-70 pounds.  After giving birth I lost about 20 to 30 pounds and didn't lose anymore.  Over the next few years somehow I managed to gain another 15-20 more pounds so overall from my lowest weight when losing I had gained 66 pounds :(    I was constantly tired and felt big all the time!   This year I decided NO MORE!   I couldn't just let myself creep back up to where I was before,, no way no how I had to do something about it...

Some where around the end of January my husband and I decided to get serious about this.   Although I didn't want it to be like it was last time.  I wanted a lifestyle change and knew that I couldn't totally cut out everything I enjoyed this time unless I was never going to eat those foods again.   I am not on a diet,, although I am counting my calories using   The reason for that is just to keep me in check and see how much I'm eating and have a better idea about which food are better than others and know what I'm putting into my body.   I also decided that I needed to exercise and make that a part of my everyday life.  I want to look toned and I want to be fit.  We bought a elliptical to use here at home and dragged out my husbands weight bench that I had bought him years ago and he never used.  Now we work out 5 days a week.  A mixture of cardio and strength training.  

I will post here and write about some of the things I am doing and some of my thoughts during my journey.   Like I said this is not a diet it is my new way of life!