Friday, May 4, 2012

3 more pounds gone forever!

I had a 3 pound loss this week!! Very happy with that! I changed up my exersize this week. I dont know if maybe that had something to do with it. I also tried to try and stay a little closer to my calorie goal. I was being under by a few hundred calories.
That means I only have 14 more pounds til I hit ONEderland! I hate having a 2 at the begining of my weight and it will be great to have a one there! Heres hoping for another great week.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Real numbers

Lordy,,,, I dont know whats overcome me but I'm going to post my weight and measurments.. Yikes,, there is a knot in my stomach as I type this!  But I'm hoping it will help keep me accountable and after all its just a number,, It doesnt define who I am.  Here goes nothing.  I will list my starting numbers and my current ones

Jan 2012  weight-246
May 2 2012  weight 215.2

I would also like to add that at my very biggest I was 300 pounds!!!  This was a few years back before I lost weight the first time around.  I lost 118 then.   My lowest weight I have ever been in my adult life is 183 pounds.  Then I got pregnant with Emma and let myself have all the foods I had deprived myself of while I was dieting and gained way to much weight with my pregnancy and just never got it back off. :(
I didnt exercise that time around either.  This time is different,, my whole outlook on losing the weight is diffrent and I'm exercising at least 5 days a week so I think my outcome will be different... at least the way my body looks.. I should be more toned with the working out.   My original goal this time was 175 which is still at the high end of my "healthy weight range" according to the charts.   I've changed that and would really like to get down to 160 if I can.. Actually 150 but I just dont see that happening.  Honestly we will just see what I look like and feel like at that time.   I want to be able to maintain my weight without starving myself so I guess time will tell.   160 still sounds heavy to me but looking at pic of me at 183 I really didnt look bad!   I am 5'10 so take that into consideration too.

Now for some measurements  I wish we would have done these at the beginning but we didnt take them until a few weeks ago  so the numbers I'm posting are only a 2 week progress

           4-18-12          4-27-12
Neck    14................13.5
Waist    40.5 ...........38
Hips     44................43
Rt arm   12.5...........12
Lt arm   12.5            12
Rt leg     26 ............25
Lt leg      27.............26

Yes I realize that my legs are a inch,,, No clue whats up with that!

So there you have it.. Now if I can get the courage to click post you will all see these numbers. The only reason I'm doing this is because I know they will go down.

And just for fun Here is a pic of me and the family at Christmas time

 And this was taken a couple weeks ago.. Not full body shots but if you look close at my face I think you can tell a diffrence!