Thursday, April 12, 2012

Working hard just to get back to where I was

Its day before weigh in day... This day is alway rough for me.  I literaly worry myself to death about if I will have a good loss Friday morning.  So dumb I know, in the long run its only one day in this long journey to health but I like to be able to log in a good number.  Last week I had a 4 pound loss which is amazing this far in the journey for me.  Then I went and screwed it up on Sunday afternoon and we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Who would have thought that my favorite boneless wings were over 800 calories?????  Ridiculous!  Its just chicken!!!  It must be the sauce and the way they prepare it.  Anyways the next morning I was back up 3 pounds!!!  In my head I knew I couldnt have gained 3 pounds in one day.  According to my fitness pal I had only went over my calories by 399 for the day.  One pound isnt even that much.   And here comes the crappiest part of all,,, it took me up until this morning to get that 3 pounds back down!!  Actually I'm still up 4 ounces.   I have did good all week and stayed within my calories, not going over and I've exercised like I'm supposed to plus yesterday I actually did a extra 30 minutes of cardio.   I dont know what is up but Im hoping the hard work will show up on the scale tomorrow morning!  Ben has already has a good loss this week so I know his numbers will be good.  I'm seriously thinking of posting my actual weight on here.  After all its just a number.  I just dont want anyone to judge me. :(    I hate what I weigh!

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  1. You did not gain 3 lbs from eating wings. The sodium content simply made you retain water for a few days. Do not worry about it. Just keep doing what you are doing; eating right and exercising, and the weight will keep coming off. Don't get so hung up on it. Don't let it ruin your day. Make sure you are eating enough and often to keep your metabolism going. Train your body to burn up every calorie you put into your mouth. You do this by eating several small meals every day. You should wake up starving and you should be hungry again every 2 or 3 hours. Eat your first meal as soon as you wake up. Don’t stop eating at 2 PM. Keep eating every 2 or 3 hours that you are awake. Don’t eat carbs late in the day because you need physical exercise to burn that, but your body will burn fat and protein while you sleep. Eat your last meal, maybe a shake or lean protein source, an hour or two before you sleep. If your metabolism is cranking and you eat some 800 calorie chicken wings, it won’t matter as much because your body won’t store it as fat since it knows you’ll be feeding it something healthy again in a few hours.