Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Thats what I am,, sore sore sore! That's ok though,, that means what I am doing is working!  I've been staying on track with my workouts and food!  On Sunday Ben and I went to Spiece gym and I got to work out with my sister and Ben worked out with Jason who is training for a bodybuilding contest!  Ben defiantly got his workout in!  As did I.  Dawn and I worked out pretty much our entire body all in one day.  She showed me what she does throughout the week and gave me some new ideas that I can do here at home.  It was really nice to be able to use the equipment there but overall most of the stuff we can still do at home with our free weights.  Maybe one day when life slows down and Emma gets a little older we will be able to get a gym membership but for now I think we are making the most of what we have.   '

I took some of the stuff she showed me and reworked my fitness plan adding some things here and there on different days.  As of last Friday I've lost 19 pounds!  And Ben has lost 40!!!!  It feels so amazing to be working so hard towards our health.  I just feel like a better person.  Its hard to explain... Oh and last week I had my first person outside of my family notice my weight loss.  A person I babysit for occasionally was picking up her child and said I was looking great and she could defiantly tell a difference!!!  That made my day!  I've been waiting for someone to say something. I'm not fishing for compliments but I can tell and was wondering when others would be able to start noticing.  Its very obvious when you look at Ben but mine has been a little slower going.   I'm sure also whenever I  buy some new clothes that fit a little tighter,,,(mine are all getting loose) it will be more obvious.  


  1. Sounds like your doing awesome Jill! So happy for ya girl!
    This is Stephanie J. by the way:)

    1. Thank you! Ive seen on facebook you are also loosing!