Monday, March 19, 2012


One of the things I love most right now about this journey is that my husband, Ben, is taking it with me.  It is so much easier when you have a partner.   When I dont feel like working out he encourages me to do it.  He has lost over 30  pounds so far and as of last Friday I have lost 16.  I actually think its more than that because a few weeks ago our other scale broke and we had to get a new one and it weighed us a little heavier than the other one.... but honestly the numbers dont matter to me that much.   I am seeing changes in my body and all my clothes are fitting looser!  I am positive I've went down a size in jeans but I want to wait until I go down another size before I buy any new ones,  It can get expensive buying clothes while you are in the process of loosing weight. 

I mentioned using myfitnesspal and the calorie goal it set me for to lose 2lb per week is 1490.  When I do cardio and add that in the calories go up but I dont usually eat them.   When I first started the calories it gave me was 1550 so it has went down.. I guess the more you loose the less you get to eat.  LOL   Overall though I'm just trying to make good healthy choices.   I just recently over the weekend got some good vitamins for Active women.   So I am taking 2 of those each morning and we also got some protein powder to help build our lean muscles and replenish our bodies after workouts.  

Tomorrow I will talk about how we are exercising and how much I've improved in that aspect already!!

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